A high-fidelity, streaming metaverse platform.
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Brands want to build a high-fidelity
presence in the metaverse.

Virtual Retail

Product Configurators

Immersive Events

But <1% of global audience has the ability to run high-fidelity 3D graphics.

Resulting in:
Brands are forced to use low-poly metaverses, or risk being left behind.

A cloudbased Metaverse platform,
streaming high-fidelity graphics to any device

TPN helps unleash your brand's creativity and tell your unique story.
Odyssey provides the platform to gather, socialize and connect
in an immersive 3D world

How Odyssey Works


Design metaverse

TPN helps brands build environments and design engagements on the Odyssey platform


Publish to web

Your metaverse experience is published to the URL endpoint and access permissions are set


Join in 1-click

Upon joining, your users are connected to a cloud GPU and have high fidelity graphics streamed to their browser.

Design Process

Leave it to us

We can take your ideas from start to finish. We'll strategize with you and design an environment and activation with your goals and community in mind. We are the creative and project management glue between you and the odyssey platform. The Odyssey team focuses on engineering and product.


Collaborate with us

If you're an agency with the in-house creative to come up with your concepts or even build it in Unreal, TPN folds into your creative to keep the ideas within the guardrails of the platform. TPN becomes the project management glue to take your ideas and model, make sure it’s built right and make sure it gets into Odyssey with the proper functionality.

Odyssey features technology that is
unmatched by any other platform in this category

GPU Cloud Streaming

On-demand graphics streaming

High CCU Scaling

We have close relationships with multiple GPU cloud providers to handle high on-demand CCU spikes. A key advantage while operating within a global chip shortage.

No reservations needed

Due to our innovative use of GPU containerization and Linux runtime, Odyssey is 100% on-demand. We currently have zero competitors that can match this.

Under 15s load times

Our cloud GPU machines are prepopulated with customer content, making load times blazing fast.
Platform Features
Custom Avatars
The world's highest fidelity metaverse avatar system.
Including 1,000+ inclusive avatar customization options.
Spatialized Audio & Video
Webcams integrated directly in-environment with avatars.
Attendee voices are spatialized for high fidelity immersion and attenuate based proximity.
Content Management System
In-app content management for 3D objects and iframes.
Connect your native content and ecommerce API directly through iframes
Embedded iframes
Bring photo, video, audio, and web content into the metaverse.
Easily update content for attendees.
Spatial video
Place video and audio sources directly in-world.
Communicate your message and entertain your community with immersive content
glTF import
TPN can model your custom models or import from millions of 3D models from online libraries.
Import supported from Unreal Marketplace and Sketchfab library.
Admins + members
Admins create, update, and delete spaces.
Members-only access to private and unlisted spaces.
Public + private spaces
Share public spaces directly with a URL for visitors.
Create private and/or unlisted spaces for members and guests only.
Text chat + screen sharing
Text chat between attendees for key announcements.
hare information with picture in-picture presentation.
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