The Ask

TPN was asked to help Amazon create a fun and exciting announcement of where their second headquarters would be located.

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Amazon HQ2

The Experience

As the map was drawn and filled in, the states that had made it to the final stage were highlighted. The video was to be shot and edited on a very tight schedule, with the artist only knowing which states had made it at the very last minute.​ Everything was timed so that at 8am the following Monday morning, the press release, video content and the blackboard itself were all simultaneously revealed. 

What We Did

Collaborating with the Amazon marketing team, TPN produced a unique announcement of the finalists in Amazon’s HQ2 location. The concept was to film the creation of a map of North America, drawn on a large chalkboard by a local chalk artist. Done in secret at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters over a weekend, TPN set up the blackboard wall, lighting and time lapse cameras in the main lobby, obscured behind a drape wall. The artist work was captured with a multi camera shoot, then edited overnight.  

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