The Ask

Produce the 3-day Amazon Ignite Digital Festival for 1,500 Amazon DSP Employees

Live & Broadcast Show

Strategy / Creative / Production

Amazon Ignite Digital Festival 2020

The Experience

The Amazon Ignite Digital Festival created a virtual space for more than 1,500 Delivery Service Partners (DSP) to connect with each other and Amazon leadership, share experiences, learn, and make plans for how to improve in the future. This event gave Amazon a platform to share new products and technology created in the last year to help DSP owners and delivery associates.

What We Did

Partnering with Watts Media and House of Sorcery, we produced a virtual event that included pre-recorded and live elements. Our work included three weeks of intensive editing, terabytes of data and animated graphics for every segment of the program. Watts Media shot and edited the pre-produced content, and House of Sorcery managed the production design and fabrication of the on-camera sets. Working with the digital platforms Evia and Hovercast, the broadcast included a hosted, live Q+A and populated ticker overlay that displayed incoming questions, allowing for interactive discussion and response.

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