The Ask

Fundraiser, which usually happens in person was canceled, and they wanted a way to do it virtually.

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Community of Caring Luncheon

The Experience

The fundraiser was streamed on the Jewish Family Services website, using YouTube. The stream was a mix of content pre-recorded on Zoom and live content from a set at Cornish. The co-chairs of the event were the CEO of Virgina Mason and his wife. The broadcast was about 50 minutes. Attendees could connect through the chat and watch the livestream on the same page.

What We Did

We worked with a videographer Jewish Family Services has used in the past to make biography videos and an interview with their CEO. We created a set, on Cornish’s campus, in which to film the interview between Jewish Family Services CEO and STG. The live event capture happened at Cornish with a similar set, to create consistency throughout the program.


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