The Ask

Support the technical aspects of their virtual fundraiser event, which is usually a gala dinner.

Live & Broadcast Show

Strategy / Production

Hadassah Nurses Hearth of Healthcare

The Experience

The fundraiser broadcast was short and sweet, about 50 minutes, using Zoom webinar. Due to the importance of the conversation, they elected not to have interactivity during the event. The program included short videos of an MC, two co-chairs, four Seattle nurses that have worked in Israel, and one nurse currently working in Israel. The content spoke to the work that is being done within Hadassah’s two hospitals in Israel, and recognized and honored nurses in the Pacific Northwest and Israel. A visual artist perceptibly captured the content, excluding a fully colored in nurses station. A donate button allowed attendees to help fund the building of the nurse’s station, shared toward the end of the program. The fundraising goal was met, and there were over 250 households watching.

What We Did

Hadassah Seattle Nurses, a Jewish volunteer organization, needed help fundraising for a new nurses station at a hospital in Israel. TPN helped pre-record content on Zoom; sections with the MC, co-chairs, and nurses at the hospital. The entire program was pre-recorded to ensure everything ran smoothly. We worked with Hadassah Seattle Nurses to choose the right platform and plan the program.


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