The Ask

After hearing about TPN from The Holocaust Center for Humanity, The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle asked us to help them transform their annual luncheon to a virtual event.

Live & Broadcast Show

Strategy / Production

The Jewish Federation Connections 2021

The Experience

The event started with two breakout rooms, one for VIPs and one for new attendees, that acted a pre-reception spaces. All attendees came together for the main event, where all attendees had their video on, but were muted, to create a sense of community without inviting chaos. The program included a talk by the CEO, a keynote speaker who shared clips of a documentary and answered questions, and a spoken word poem. Community members made videos, which helped bring attendees together.

What We Did

TPN worked with Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle team to create a virtual event where attendees could feel connected with their community. This is an important event for the Federation, focusing on Jewish women and connection, so it was important to make attendees feel connected. The Federation team chose to use Zoom, as most people are comfortable with the program and it was the most accessible option. TPN pre-recorded video and managed the live event as it happened. After the event, we created a highlights video.

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