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Celebrate The Northwest School Senior Class of 2020 through a virtual graduation

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The Northwest School Virtual Graduation 2020

The Experience

89 Students, families, and faculty of The Northwest School joined together virtually to experience the first ever virtual graduation for the Senior class of 2020. The 1 hour and 20 minute stream featured speeches from four students and three faculty members. Speeches were accompanied by pre-recorded movements and musical performances by six students. The show all culminated in an individualized and carefully designed “Diploma Card” for 89 individual students. Students had the option to express themselves at a much more personal level for this virtual show. Each student card could feature 10 seconds of family/faculty/friend video shout outs, a personalized recording of their name by a presenter of their choice, as well as unique images sent in by students. Throughout the live stream, viewers could all participate in a live YouTube chat to stay engaged with their peers, as well as offer thanks and congratulations to the faculty and friends that contributed to their education.  

After the stream ended, The Northwest School organized a “Zoom Reception,” which offered an open opportunity for anyone to speak and give a toast to their classmates and faculty. This special online moment was unique to typical graduations and The Northwest School. Students could offer their gratitude to all their classmates and teachers as one group.  

What We Did

TPN utilized the existing brand of The Northwest School to create an unprecedented event that fell in line with the school's ideology and image. Due to COVID-19, students and families were disappointed to discover that there would be no in-person graduation. In order to make the graduation a success and appropriately celebrate the student’s achievements, the ceremony had to be uniquely special. Our solution was to do things for this virtual event that would not be typically possible in a real graduation. Utilizing NWS branding and some newly designed assets, TPN designed 89 unique “Diploma Cards” for each student. Each student had 15 seconds that was uniquely their own. TPN conducted all the layouts, and video/audio editing for all the assets that were submitted. TPN also created branded transitions to move between segments, title cards and lower thirds for performances and speeches, as well as brand aligned captions for each speech. TPN also facilitated all the asset management, communication, scheduling, and coordination with students and volunteer faculty.


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