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Film and edit videos for the virtual Rainier Scholars fundraiser.

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Rainier Scholars Fundaiser

The Experience

The event is designed to celebrate new graduates and check in with previous graduates. Rafael del Castillo, the new executive director, wanted to introduce the students. We filmed Rafael having a purposeful conversation with the students who were brought in using Zoom. Even though they could not talk in person, Rafael felt that this was a success.

The emotional power of being in-person can be tricky to do with a livestream, but we were able to work with Rainier Scholars to create meaningful and emotionally powerful content. The videos allowed sentiments to be brought forward, and there was a sense of connection. The videos were a bit shorter than the speeches usually given at past in-person events, but this allowed those speaking to get to the heart of what they wanted to say.

What We Did

We filmed and edited seven videos, which were shown during the Rainier Scholars virtual fundraiser livestream. Over the course of five weeks, we captured and edited content, which would made up all of the content for the fundraiser. The videos included: a talk between the executive director and four students, a look at internships the students have done, students announcing their college choices, a cold open with greetings from college alumni, a parent video, college graduates, and a video featuring students. Some videos were captured via Zoom, while others were filmed in person with safety measures in place.


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