The Ask

Seattle Children’s Theatre’s fundraiser is usually held in-person, and they reached out to TPN to support the technical aspects of moving the event online.

Live & Broadcast Show

Strategy / Production

2021 fundraiser: Fueling Transformation

The Experience

Attendees of the fundraiser started in Zoom breakout rooms, run by “table captains,” where they could socialize. The transition into the main event was a 10 minute musical session, which kept the mood light and stress-free as attendees joined before the main event. The fundraiser, titled Fueling Transformation, was hosted by Seattle Children’s Theatre alum Don Darryl Rivera. With 400 households in attendance, over $300 thousand dollars was raised. Attendees could donate through SCT’s web page, or pledge a donation if preferred. Hosting the fundraiser virtually allowed people to attend safely from home, which contributed to the event being a huge success.

What We Did

Seattle Children’s Theatre has an online platform that was great for hosting their fundraiser virtually. We worked with them to plan what could be done with their platform, and provided creative direction. We reviewed and advised on their pre-produced videos, as well as filming and editing the managing director’s remarks. We worked with the remote host, a Seattle Children’s Theatre alum now working in New Jersey, with the technology to make hosting a breeze. Zoom was used for remote host and attendees, and the event was livestreamed though Vimeo on SCT’s website.


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