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In mid 2013, The Production Network took over management of major shows for Sennheiser Electronics Corporation, a German manufacturer of high-end headphones, microphones, and a multitude of other audio products



Sennheiser at CES

The Experience

Our first show with Sennheiser was the Consumer Electronics Show, their most important show of the year. Their booth at CES is always well attended, Sennheiser launched a new line of headphones at CES 2014. The headphones were a departure from past Sennheiser products, made of high-end materials and made in different colors. The exhibit pieces turned out to be so versatile, they were used in many other applications in other Sennheiser exhibits. 

What We Did

The new booth, designed in Germany, was a very sterile environment, all shiny white and blue, and very symmetrical. TPN was tasked to create a new, colorful exhibit display pieces for the launch that would stand out, but not clash with the existing branding. TPN designed translucent cubes with internal LED lighting. The lighting could be programmed to the same pantones as the individual headphones, creating an eye-catching cascade of color. The headphone stands were designed so that the headphones could only be held in one position, keeping the look clean and symmetrical.

The summer before CES 2016 TPN supported Sennheiser’s efforts in redesigning their booth to be both functional and engaging. We used both existing properties and new build elements. 


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