Manage the production of The International and make it a bigger and better show every year.

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The International: DOTA 2 Championships

The Experience

The International is so much more than just an esports Championship. It involves preliminary qualifying events, outdoor festival elements, elaborate merchandise integrations, a live-to-air six-day broadcast in four primary and dozens of secondary languages, plus autograph meet-and-greets, photo-ops, and daily afterparties (just to name a few).

This wide range of peripheral experiences allows attendees (some of whom will attend all six days, or 84 hours!) to have a diverse range of onsite experiences. TPN has successfully managed the production of The International since 2015, and over the years, we’ve noticed that providing a wide range of up-tempo, down-tempo, indoor, and outdoor experiences is critical to ensuring that the event has something to offer every person.

What We Did

Every year we’re asked to build a world-class event to support a world-class competition, and capture that adrenaline, drama, and excitement into an unforgettable broadcast. TPN has successfully managed the production of The International since 2015. We’re effectively the “general contractor” for the entire event, meaning we, in support of Valve, are ultimately responsible for every aspect of the show. From getting the doors open on time, to power systems, freight logistics and customs — our team touches every aspect of the event. While we all play specialized roles, members of our team are just as likely to focus on making sure the stagehands have hot coffee as we are attentive to the color of confetti or the location of the merchandise shop, and onsite experience of the attendees.


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