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Re-write the playbook on producing world-class gaming and esport tournaments year after year.

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The International has helped transform esportsfrom emerging and scrappy niches, into an industry that has absolutely arrivedand continues to grow rapidly. As a result (and because TI pre-dates most otheresports programs), TPN has had to re-write the playbook on producingworld-class gaming and esport tournaments year after year.

Every year we’re tasked to build a world-class event to support a world-classcompetition, and capture the adrenaline, drama, and excitement into anunforgettable broadcast. This year, with our venue in Shanghai, China — thestakes and expectations were higher than ever.

In 2019, Chinese fans of Dota 2 enjoyed what had once seemed only a distanthope: an opportunity to host TI9. As the self-proclaimed home-country of Dota2, Chinese teams and fans were eager to regard this year’s tournament as ahomecoming; a chance, once and for all, to show a global audience of millionsthat, Chinese Dota is the best Dota. TI9 would need to be altogether biggerthan anything that had come before.

What We Did

•Opening Ceremony: We directed and managed this 7-minute epic ceremony, which included 96 members of the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra & 200+ performers.

•Soundproof Battle Rooms: Based on our long-term relationship with both the event and our client, we engineered the 2019 battle rooms to be modular, suitable for container transport, and the most advanced and sophisticated design yet. Our battle rooms dropped the sound level by more than 20 dB, allowing teams to effectively communicate within the thundering arena.

•LED System: Our LED system, 9400 sq.ft of LED, played a huge role in enhancing the tournament experience from beginning to end.

•Qingdang Plaza: The place where tens of thousands of fans gathered and the TI experience began. We designed/managed the Plaza which included: the will call tent with 38 ticket counter positions, The Secret Shop for limited-edition merch, player tents and the Moongate

•Moongate: We designed this 90 meters wide (295 ft) & 8.5 meters high (28 ft) temporary structure to serve as the monumental gateway to the tournament. It featured 16 team flags, tournament branding, LED lighting, and extended the larger than life arena tournament out into the public square.

•Aegis Plinth: The Plinth holds the Aegis of Champions, the Dota 2 trophy. We worked closely with Seattle artisans to create an elaborately hand-carved Aegis Plinth for TI9.


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