$1000 Event Fix

May 10, 2022
2 min read
Save Money

I’d hire a consultant!

Lila Williams, Chief Impact Officer

Can throwing $1000 into your budget really help to solve problems?

Is there such a thing as a $1000 event "fix"? We asked, and our team answered.

At TPN, we provide Event Strategy as a foundational service, so we're always standing outside the box and working to come up with creative solutions. So…..what can you get for 1000-bucks?


A well-branded and fluid-looking online environment can make or break a presentation. Use that 1000-cheese to hire creative support to build production elements like skins, lower thirds, and intros/outros. Solid design incorporates seamless transitions between speakers and content broadcast for a polished, high-quality product that keeps attendees engaged. Product Managers can also be helpful when working directly with a platform, as they can fix small bugs in the software and introduce flow to the attendee experience

“I’d hire a consultant!”

— Lila Williams, Chief Impact Officer


Having trouble getting people to register? Is attendance too low? Hire an event consultant to work on troubleshooting the numbers. $1000 on well-placed digital ads can also help boost attendance in a more passive way and has the added benefit of brand awareness.


Spend time during broadcast and post-event focusing on what you learned about your customers and your business. This small investment buys time with an expert to help devise strategies for future virtual broadcasts and creates ROI from the initial investment. Each platform offers various reports and gathers a lot of event metrics, but as a whole, businesses using the platforms have yet to tap into how best to use that information.