Creative Teams Support Sales Growth

July 7, 2022
3 min read
Industry Trends

Criteria for any event production company should include a well-rounded team.

HubSpot just published an article looking to the future titled 3 Roles Marketing Leaders Plan to Recruit in 2022. According their research, the roles of Creative Director, Creative Assistant, & Content Marketing Manager will be in hot demand for 2022.

Our marketing team includes both a Creative Director and Content Marketing Manager working to develop and create original creative assets for virtual events, offering clients strategic content support from inception to event day. Content from recorded sessions has traditionally been used for on-demand audiences, but a strong content strategy maximizes ROI and keeps up momentum for 365-engagement. Audio soundbites, video cuts, and a commitment to how a brand looks, feels, and sounds are how a Creative Team brings events to life.

You can recruit these roles, but criteria for any event production company should include a well-rounded team.

Creative Director : Nowadays, brands are expected to create top-notch content across platforms. To successfully reach new audiences and increase sales, you'll want to have strong social media, content marketing, and video marketing strategies — to name a few.

Content Marketing Manager : Among other things, an effective content marketing manager will execute digital content strategies across platforms, drive traffic and engagement, have a deep understanding of what types of content perform best on which channels, and consistently evaluate how each campaign performs — and shift when necessary.

Creative Assistant : A creative assistant is an entry-level professional who will create promotional materials for your brand — those materials could include promotional videos, advertising campaigns, press releases, or social media posts.

We welcome all resume submissions and interest, event when we’re not actively hiring.