Supporting Microsoft with a Global Virtual Event

January 5, 2022
6 min read
Case Studies

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Microsoft BEO

A case-study featuring a Microsoft global event at scale, including platform solutions and live, virtual broadcast


Microsoft is dedicated to advancing human and organization achievement. Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. On the whole Microsoft hosts hundreds of thousands of consumer and internal events every year, to millions of people.

Microsoft partnered with TPN (formerly Evia) to produce an internal event, Microsoft BEO Summit, to a global audience, for the first time virtually.

The Challenge of Transitioning to a Global Virtual Event

Microsoft has traditionally hosted this internal event in-person, and was looking for a platform and partner to support a global event broadcast. Because of the global scale of the event, Microsoft sought council on what solutions to implement for an interactive, engaging event with variety. As this was the first year for Microsoft BEO Summit in a virtual format, Microsoft wanted the audience to feel as if the event were taking place in person, and required their brand to be consistently represented.

Microsoft was challenged to provide livestream support for the U.S., Germany, Telangana, and India.

Why Microsoft BEO Chose Us

Microsoft engaged TPN for their historical ability to provide support for livestreaming, creative elements, and knowledge of best practices in the virtual space.

How We Responded

TPN partnered with industry experts to design a fully engaged event environment. TPN worked with Hubb as the event platform, Maritz for event planning and Big Rock Productions who built and deployed 20 virtual speaker kits.

TPN scheduled and facilitated speaker rehearsal sessions where presenters were instructed on lighting and sound for best presentation practices. TPN's creative team consulted with Microsoft and developed a strategic vision and plan for a seamless virtual experience. TPN designed and built over 100 brand assets for registration, backgrounds, lower thirds, directional and information show slides, PowerPoint presentations, and day-of thank you videos.

TPN was responsible for the media production of all digital content files.

The Results

Within 10 hours of shows close, TPN delivered trimmed digital files of all presented content. TPN’s media production department added bumpers and created digital deliverables for day of and thank you videos.

Microsoft was very pleased with the virtual event and felt the high-quality production value made the event more inclusive to the global audience. They noted many more people attended virtually than had ever attended in person.