The Future of Everything Festival

May 29, 2024
4-6 min read
Industry Trends

Innovative Trends Unveiled: Key Takeaways from WSJ's The Future of Everything Festival

Last week our CEO, Allison DeLeone, attended The Future of Everything Conference by The Wall Street Journal in New York City.  It was two fast-paced days, but she was still able to capture everything she learned in her takeaways below.

Allison is always on the lookout for insights that will help our business, and our clients stay ahead of the curve. This conference was a treasure trove of perspectives on what's ahead, so we hope you enjoy learning from her experience.  

Future of College: Innovative models are emerging, such as two years of tuition-free access to top educators at, boosting graduation rates and aligning education with economic trends. The focus on helping students discover their “why” and providing accountability coaches is game-changing.  

Future of Immersive Experiences: The pandemic accelerated XR development, leading to hybrid physical and virtual experiences. The future will see more personalized, blended experiences, enhancing how we interact with the world. @tpn is already bringing these blended experience ideas to our clients, so that was validating!

Future of Work: Dynamic shared ownership is reshaping corporate structures, putting the customer at the center and empowering employees at every interaction. This model speeds up processes but requires a cultural shift towards collaborative decision-making and peer management.

Future of Entertainment: AI is transforming the entertainment industry, from content creation to virtual talent. While AI offers tools for innovation, the human element of creativity remains essential. The industry is slowly recovering from the pandemic and labor strikes, and now has new opportunities on the horizon.

Future of Media: Adaptability is key. There's a need for an "everything product" for visual content, akin to Spotify for music. Short-form content is on the rise, and GenAI will play a significant role in shaping Hollywood's future.

Future of Comedy: Second City's approach to virtual and physical comedy education highlights the importance of adaptability and emotional connection. Comedy in business, through the "yes, and" principle, fosters creativity and innovation. We did a short exercise with "yes, and" and it felt so different from "no, but" and even "yes, but.” It was so impactful. Try it.

Future of Autonomous Aviation: Companies like Zipline and GoAERO are revolutionizing logistics and emergency response. This is life-changing and life saving for humans already. Autonomous delivery systems are poised to disrupt traditional logistics companies like UPS and FedEx. How could this impact event load- in and onsite needs?  

Future of the Web: AI's impact on the web is multifaceted. Privacy-focused AI integration and open-source AI developments are essential to maintaining diversity and user control. The future web should prioritize user choice and privacy.

Future of Broadway: Breaking conventional rules and tapping into instinctual creativity has led to some of the most emotional and impactful songs in musicals. This approach is reshaping how stories are told on stage. Keep an open mind; the song they thought was strongest was rejected immediately. And the song they didn't feel strongly about and submitted? It became the anchor anthem of the musical.

Future of Influence: This is a trickier one because AI is disrupting the influencer economy. But in this session, it was clear that influencer dynamics are shaping modern culture. Companies like 11:11 Media are mapping out a future that merges metaverse, web3, and traditional media, defining new norms in pop culture.  

Future of AI at Work:' AI is set to revolutionize the workplace, saving time and enhancing creativity. Every job will have an AI assistant, and AI-native companies will lead the charge. Employers need to integrate AI strategically to stay ahead. Yep!

Future of Dining: The dining experience is evolving, with a new focus on AI enhancing food traceability and regenerative farming. Young chefs are encouraged to understand all aspects of restaurant operations to stand out. (Footnote: Rezdora is a not to miss dining experience when visiting NYC but plan ahead, they are weeks out on reservations!)

Future of Social Media: Reimagining social media with transparent algorithms and user data ownership is essential (Blockchain, baby!) This shift could transform social media into a more ethical and user-centric platform. We at TPN are exploring many applications for events using this technology!