What is a Micro Event?

February 10, 2022
2 min read
Industry Trends


Micro events are affordable, manageable, and still allow for face-to-face networking.

‘Micro’ events are those that focus on one specific topic, versus the broad range of topics typically found at one-day to week-long conferences. This new language from event professionals often refers to hosting one specific part of an event. Think presented sessions, a formal breakout room or a reception. Each piece is produced and planned separately and can therefore take on its own DNA and purpose.

Instead of organizing a full-day conference with coffee breaks and social hours, a micro event puts the power in the attendee’s hand, by spotlighting a specific area. This niched-down focus means planners have to define objectives in the pre-planning stages, and be strategic — you don't want to be too many things going on at once.

With micro events, building the digital community should be considered mission-critical. A smaller local audience opens up room to feed hyper-focused content to interested attendees en masse, via a hybrid event set up, where the content is storied and repurposed. Micro-events shouldn't stop once the event is over. Build on the ROI by amplifying content across digital channels like on-demand video or podcasts. These can be free or gated, both of which give the original event experience a longer runway for success and ultimately, funnel more customers to your business.