Why You Need an Event Hub

August 18, 2022
3 min read
Industry Trends

What is an Event Hub? And why you need one.

Think of the EventHub as a virtual townhall. An event hub acts as the central gathering place for all of your event attendees. Keynote presentations, group messaging, and any moment designed to gather the entire group of virtual attendees happens in the event hub.

This central page within your virtual event that an attendee can access to engage with activities. This is also a primary gathering place before attendees move into the individual ‘rooms’  or virtual sessions to watch more customized content.

Event hubs may be gated behind the event login, allowing only registered attendees event access. Hubs are excellent tools for attendees to learn about the event, and navigate to session content. This private environment can be used as a selling point, available and open to only those attendees with particular registration credentials.

Event Hub Features

Event Agenda

A natural place to post and link the entire event schedule, the event hub provides all attendees streamlined information. Posting the schedule to the event hub means event planners need only make schedule changes once in the virtual environment.

Embed Video Content

Pre-record content and make it available to attendees 24-7. This promotes engagement and builds customer retention — when people expect great content from a brand, it elevates brand awareness.

Showcase Your Speakers

Links to speaker bio page have solid metrics. Include basic speaker info, detail session, and provide direct access to your speakers. This page is also customizable.

Event Branding

The layout and features within the EventHub should be customizable. At TPN, our creative team and product specialists work to create an event hub that drives attendee traffic to designated areas, all at the right time.

Agenda Widget

Allow can learn more information about each session and directly access the session content including dates, times, session descriptions, session previews, speaker details and more. Once the live portion of an event has concluded, the agenda widget can become a source for on demand content. That means 🤑 and guaranteed ROI.

So is an Event Hub Necessary?

When to use an Eventhub?

Makes sense

  • To nurture 360 Engagement
  • When the event has multiple, optional or breakout sessions throughout
  • Cultivate your VIPS and offer exclusive access to content for registered attendees

Skip it

  • A single session event like an all-staff meeting with one person, or a single keynote presentation.
  • When want to drive an audience directly to the content, skip an Event Hub and direct them to specific  session content, instead.