Create an environment to demo and experience HoloLens capabilities within the Augmented Reality project, Destination: Mars.

Immersive Experiences

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HoloLens Destination Mars

The Experience

A collaboration between NASA and Microsoft, Destination: Mars put the HoloLens wearer on the surface of the red planet with a hologram of Buzz Aldrin as the guide. Our team was tasked to build the Experience Room, which was so successful that it was shipped to the Kennedy Space Center (at the request of NASA) as an exhibit after the event.

“I floated in outer space and hovered above Mars. I could see above and below, and Buzz Aldrin let me know precisely where to land. I descended onto a 4km-wide area of Mars that stretches from a lake basin up to the peak of Mount Sharp — one of the areas that the Curiosity Rover explored, scanned and photographed."

What We Did

We built the Experience Room — a five-sided, completely enclosed modular structure with intricately mapped out walls, floor and ceiling graphics, sound and lighting effects, soundproofing, and full RF shielding.


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