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Seattle Flu Study

The Experience

The flu is awful to have and easy to spread—but Seattleites were asked to do something about it. Our team was tasked to create a full branding kit and kiosk design to help Seattle Flu Study engage with the public and gather more data about the flu. Volunteers were asked to join the Seattle Flu Study in an effort to fight the flu. All Seattleites were potentially eligible to participate in one of the studies, which took about 15 minutes to complete. Our visual branding, messaging and kiosks helped to inform and educate Seattleites about the Seattle Flu Study and the various ways that they could participate.

What We Did

Our team produced a complete brand kit (messaging + logo) and kiosk build for the Seattle Flu Study. We conducted interviews with the internal team, as well as, the SFS target audience to develop positioning, messaging and a visual identity that would speak directly to their audience, Seattleites suffering with the flu. Once the brand kit was complete, we used those assets to design and build kiosks for distribution through the Seattle area.

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